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Worth Venture Partners offers sophisticated investors both a proprietary diversified multi-manager investment fund as well as capabilities for clients to easily select their own managers and create custom portfolios, all while leveraging Worth’s institutional-grade infrastructure, secured capacity by manager, customized risk reporting, and efficient cost structure.

The WVP Emerging Manager Onshore Fund’s Diversified Series utilizes a multi-strategy approach to target positive returns in all market cycles with low volatility. We invest globally in managers that we believe have a definable and sustainable edge as well as direct investment knowledge and experience. We harness niche investment expertise in the context of a carefully constructed portfolio to benefit from the expected performance of specific opportunity sets while seeking to maintain low volatility in the overall portfolio.

The WVP Emerging Manager Onshore Fund currently offers access to more than fifteen different strategies with a diverse alternative investment menu primarily focused on market neutral, volatility, equity long/short and event driven strategies with US and international exposure. Clients select individual managers and build fund portfolios that best meet their objectives.

Worth’s Customized Portfolios allows clients to allocate capital into a customized basket that meets their unique needs including the opportunity to draw from Worth’s extensive emerging manager database and build tailored fund of funds portfolios constructed with our oversight and assistance in manager selection.

Insurance Dedicated Funds (“IDFs”) are an increasingly popular structure due to the recently reduced time and cost to execute. Worth has been utilizing IDFs, working alongside insurance providers, to attempt to optimize the greatest after-tax benefit from our client’s portfolio. Implementation is now generally possible in a number of weeks. Alternative planning structures include: PPVA (Private Placement Variable Annuity) and PPLI (Private Placement Life Insurance).